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The pace of business today is rapid and intense. So, SkyComm Connect delivers personalized attention and customized service to unleash your full potential—and help you stay one step ahead. Our staff will work to understand your needs, goals and budget. Then we’ll offer simply brilliant solutions for unified communications that work for you. We'll help you collablorate in new ways, make your teams more productive, and propel your business to greater heights.... MORE >

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  • — KEVIN, Block Vision
    “SkyComm Connect did an outstanding job from start to finish. I can’t think of one negative thing to say, and I’m a critical person. You did excellent, top-quality work and were courteous and gracious. The phone switch and wiring look beautiful.”
    — KEVIN, Block Vision
  • — LAURA, Porsche Club of America
    “I was nervous about switching from our old Cisco phone system. Now that you’ve installed the new Avaya phones, I’m relieved and know this was a good decision. SkyComm gave us a good deal, and the technicians were helpful and great to work with!”
    — LAURA, Porsche Club of America
  • — LISA, GWWO, Inc./Architects
    “Thanks, Joe! You and your team did a fantastic job with the sale and installation of our system. Let’s set up a meeting to go over the more advanced features that will be helpful to us as we grow. Thanks, again for your professionalism!”
    — LISA, GWWO, Inc./Architects
  • — JUDY, Jeri Shuster, M.D.
    “Thank you for the outstanding employees you sent to install our new phone system and train our staff. Charlene & Reggie had a positive attitude and stayed organized, focused and professional. Both worked tirelessly and with incredible patience!”
    — JUDY, Jeri Shuster, M.D.
  • — MARISOL, JRP Management
    “We are very happy with the service and technology. Everything has been running great. Tiffany’s service exceeded our expectations, and the technicians Charlene & Andrew answered all of our questions. Thank you for providing your service to JRP.”
    — MARISOL, JRP Management
  • — MIKE, Superior Vision
    “Joe, I applaud your dedication to follow up while on vacation. And your Technician Chris was phenomenal: he was also on vacation and came in to finish the job late Sunday afternoon. It makes me feel good that we transferred our business to you.”
    — MIKE, Superior Vision
  • — LINDA, The International Dyslexia Association
    “Thanks for the phenomenal customer care and quality service that your team has provided. The equipment purchase, installation, and training were effortless. Also this has been a seamless transition. I have no doubt service in the future will remain consistent.”
    — LINDA, The International Dyslexia Association
  • — ISIS, Roadside LLC
    “I am sure you all know this, but I have to say: Andrew is the best contractor I’ve ever worked with. He’s quick, doesn’t need handholding, and he is reliable and professional. It is so great to be able to trust his work 100%. As always, thank you.”
    — ISIS, Roadside LLC
  • — MICHELLE, Board of Certification / Accreditation
    “Just wanted to shoot you a quick email about how great it’s been working with Andrew! He’s really pulled through for us when we needed him, and has been so helpful. He’s very informative, but also gives great service, so we couldn’t be happier. Thanks!”
    — MICHELLE, Board of Certification / Accreditation
  • — GREG, CQI Associates
    “When we decided to expand our office space and upgrade our telecomm systems, SkyComm Connect was there every step of the way. From customization and installation to training and follow-up service … SkyComm proved what it means to be a valued business partner.”
    — GREG, CQI Associates
  • — FRAN, Arthritis Care Specialists of MD
    "We’ve been customers for years, and the service at SkyComm is outstanding. The staff is very polite and responsive, and I always get a same-day return call. We highly recommend them to all our associates for quality service and swift action."
    — FRAN, Arthritis Care Specialists of MD
  • — NATHAN, Smyth Jewlers
    "Our business needed significant data and phone cabling in multiple locations. SkyComm recommended four new Avaya phone systems—the staff was proactive, and installations were performed on time and within budget. We are consistently happy customers."
    — NATHAN, Smyth Jewlers
  • — MICHELLE, National Center for Healthy Housing
    "The techs at SkyComm Connect are geniuses. Joe provides me with long-term business solutions that I can trust. If I need technical assistance, Andrew and Mark go out of their way to provide solutions in a pleasant and efficient manner. The folks at SkyComm Connect are a team that you can depend on. Working with them is a pleasure."
    — MICHELLE, National Center for Healthy Housing

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