About Us

The expertise to help you grow your business.

Our business philosophy is built upon honesty and integrity to support your unique needs. This is simply how we have done business since 2007 when we were established as BenComm Columbia, a sister company to BenComm Inc., a full-service telecommunications firm based in Maryland. Our founders, Steve Bennet and Joe Bauer, launched this company with a relentless passion for delivering obsessive customer care.

Their combined 40+ years of sales management and technical expertise helped our team build a highly successful business and lasting customer relationships. Our ‘make it happen’ approach encourages our team to solve problems, develop trust, and earn your business every day.

In the Fall of 2018, we evolved our brand to SkyComm Connect to reflect our enhanced capabilities in unified communications. Today, we are leading the way with secure, cloud-based platforms grounded in reliable customer service. SkyComm Connect is a licensed US VoIP service provider and an integral part of the community.

Through US-based partnerships, our service now reaches beyond our local markets throughout the US and Canada. Best of all, our deep experience empowers us to support your current needs and future growth and make us an ideal business partner.

Let’s collaborate today and conquer tomorrow.

Your Go-to Provider

We realize all the new technology options today can be intimidating. As telecom gurus, we have embraced change during the digital disruption, and we will guide you through the upheaval so you can capitalize on it. You can see, our business philosophy is built upon honesty and integrity to support your unique needs. We are not just a re-seller of large carriers’ equipment and service. We never offer you a ‘one-size-fits-all’ package with overpriced or outdated equipment, not us. We partner with top carriers and manufacturers to develop original solutions that achieve your business goals, not ours.

As your go-to provider, we will be your telecom carrier and support team. And, you’ll receive stellar service from one account rep who will support your entire communication eco-system. If you ever have concerns, our friendly staff will work hard to address them.